6 Key Performance Appraisal Questions and How to Prepare for Them

6 Key Performance Appraisal Questions and How to Prepare for Them

During the appraisal season, employees from all over the world sit with managers for a review of annual performance. These meetings are beneficial for organizations. Effective performance appraisals can help improve productivity and lower turnover. It should be time for dialogue instead of criticism.

During this, employees can show their achievements, and the employer can share honest feedback for improvement. All the managers can’t give constructive feedback, but employees can prepare themselves for this meeting. Here, we will discuss 6 key performance appraisal questions and how to prepare for them.

Performance Appraisal Questions

Remember, the performance appraisal questions will be different because it depends on the company, job nature, and business size. These 6 critical performance appraisal questions can help you prepare for that time.

  • What performance have you made on the goals set during the last performance appraisal?

Employees feel that managers pay attention to the effort they made, but it’s not true in most cases. Many employees don’t track productivity improvements. So, you have to document all your achievements. While preparing for the performance appraisal, note down the goals you set and the accomplished goals. Write down your progress on the goals that you have set for your team.

  • Your biggest achievement of the year?

Performance appraisal is an excellent opportunity to get the attention of the managers. Let them know the achievements that you have made this year. Tell your biggest accomplishment. You can prepare a document before the performance appraisal to show what you have done? Also, mention the things that you have done outside for your company.

  • What do you want to do for your career and company?

Managers want to know your specific goals along with the goals you set for the coming year. Answer these questions to show your desire for growth. Tell the skills you have learned and why. Create a list of your short and long-term goals and share it with your managers.

  • What was the most challenging work that you have done this year?

You can tell what was the most difficult job assignment? For example, you can tell you were assigned a job about coding, but you don’t have a grip over that part, but you make it simple and easy with teamwork. So, it was a difficult task for you this year.

  • Which part of your job you enjoyed and what you didn’t like?

You can say that I enjoyed learning new skills. I enjoyed taking on the extra responsibilities of leadership. Moreover, if you’re struggling to work with the team or  not enjoying anything, you can tell that to your manager.

  • How can you contribute more to the company?

Tell them if you’re interested in taking more responsibilities. Managers ask these questions to check your enthusiasm. You can provide suggestions that can help the company to grow. For example, you can ask your manager to switch to cloud-based services for more efficient results. Evaluate your performance on the basis of these questions and then appear for the performance appraisal meeting.

You need to prepare yourself for these 6 key performance appraisal questions.

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