5 Best Cars Insurance Companies to Select in the United States in 2020

For legal and safe driving, car insurance is essential. You need to have car insurance from the best car insurance companies because it is the law in 48 out of 50 states in the USA. The benefit of car insurance policy is that you can feel protected in case of a bodily injury liability or asset damage. There are lots of car insurance policy plans. It isn’t easy to find the best car insurance company in the USA because there are more than 300 insurance providers. 

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in the USA

We have tried to find the best car insurance companies based on customer satisfaction ratings and overall offerings. Let’s have a look at these companies one by one.

  1. USSA

According to the survey, USSA is the best car insurance company because over 90% of customers are satisfied with customer support. Moreover, members are happy because filing claims is easy, and they receive frequent updates on the status of claims. The only disadvantage of this company is its limited availability. USSA offers services to members of military service and their families. It is the reason most people can’t enjoy insurance from USSA.

It is the second-best car insurance company on our list. Consumers are satisfied with the easy file claiming and renew policies. The customer satisfaction rate of Geico is 97%, which is self-explanatory. Many members of this insurance company recommend others to get an insurance policy from Geico.

It ranks third on our list, and based on customer satisfaction; it is the number one insurance company in Florida. It is our best pick because of the discounts and coverage it offers. Based on all these circumstances, it is the best car insurance company for many motorists. Despite the high customer satisfaction rate, members don’t recommend this company to others. It means something is lacking, and the company needs to improve that.

This car insurance company has over 18 million customers. The specialty of this company is the capability to retain and attract new customers by their continued commitment. It was the first car insurance company to offer safe driving discounts. Any motorist who wants to switch to Progressive can save almost $700 per year.

It is our last pick, and many customers are satisfied with the way they resolved their claims. Only a few companies are getting better ratings in claim resolution, and it is one of them. When motorists were asked about the rating, the company got an average rating. Only two out of three have recommended this company to others.

Things You Need to Know Before Signing Up for Car Insurance

Keep all these things in mind before signing up for car insurance.