Effects of Games on Children

Effects of Games on Children

Many parents and education experts consider video games as time-wasters and brain corruptors. Some violent video games encourage the young generation to become violent. On the other hand, some psychologists feel that video games can have many benefits. They teach your children different skills that can help them in the future. Here we will discuss the positive and negative effects of games on children.

Positive Effects of Games on Children

Video games are a real brain workout for your kids. Games help develop many skills. Some significant benefits of video games are given below:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

Some games require the collaboration of hand and eye at the same time. For example, in shooting games, the player will be running and shooting at the same time. Aiming at the enemy, adjusting the speed, and running at the same time needs great deal of eye-hand coordination.

  • Decision Making

Some games are fast, and players have to decide in a quick time. Such games help develop decision-making skills that can help in real life. In some practical fields like medicine and sports, you have to make decisions under pressure and in a quick time.

  • Work as a Team

Today most video games are played online and involve different players worldwide so children can play with others. This teamwork helps your children know how to work in a team and how to solve problems together.

  • Accuracy in Quick Decisions

In video games, kids have to make decisions quickly, so they learn how to calculate the parameters quickly. It is a beneficial skill. Many soldiers and doctors are suggested to play video games to improve their decision-making skills.

  • Better Cognitive Functioning

Many online games involve brain involvement. When you repeat certain skills simultaneously, the brain starts to create new neural pathways to optimize functioning. When intense concentration is applied to the brain, it starts to solve problems faster. This problem-solving skill can help solve problems in real life as well.

Negative Effects of Games on Children

Some disadvantages of playing video games are given below:

  • Health Issues

When kids ignore physical games and play video games for a long time, it can be detrimental to health in many ways. Sitting for a long time can weaken the joints and muscles, weaken the eyesight, and affect cognitive development.

  • Lack of Interest in Studies

When kids start to spend more time playing video games, they will show a lack of interest in studies. They’ll prefer video games over homework and tests. This lack of interest can result in poor educational performance.

  • Restricts Social Interaction

Many kids play video games in their rooms, and they don’t spend time with family and friends. As a result, they feel bored whenever they go on an outing. It can result in anxiety, stress, and depression.

Final Words

Video games have both positive and negative effects on children, so it’s the parents’ responsibility to guide them to play video games while staying within limits. Restricting them from playing games isn’t a solution. Set some rules and ask your kids to follow them.

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