5 Best Health Insurance Companies to Choose in the United States in 2020

5 Best Health Insurance Companies to Choose in the United States in 2020

When choosing the best health insurance company, you must keep several things in mind, such as customer satisfaction, policy offerings, financial strength, claim services, and coverage benefits. There is no such company that can be declared the best because only that company will be best, which is offering health insurance according to your need and budget. Moreover, your living region will also be considered to find out the best health insurance company for you. Let’s have a look at the top 5 health insurance companies in the US.

5 Best Health Insurance Companies in the USA

As mentioned earlier, you can’t declare one company the best insurance company by looking at one criterion. Have a look at these top 5 companies and see which one is best for you according to your need.

  1. Kaiser Permanente

If you are interested in health saving plan options, then this one is for you. Kaiser is a well-known and trusted company in health insurance. It is a non-profit organization and offers medical services to people of the USA. The company is offering health insurance in various states and cities of the USA, such as Oregon, Hawaii, California, Washington State, and many more. It offers several plans like gold, platinum, bronze, and silver. Except for platinum and gold plans, all other plans offer Health Saving Account (HAS). Kaiser is the best because 85% of customers are satisfied and want to renew their policy.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

BCBS is our top pick because it offers insurance coverage in almost 190 countries, including the USA. More than 100 million Americans are using BCBS organization for health insurance. It is a trusted choice because it has more than a 90% A+ rating. The best thing about this company is you can get a coverage plan according to your need. It offers access to flexible spending accounts and HAS.

  • UnitedHealthCare (UHC)

It is the best health insurance company because it offers online prescriptions and medical care services. Members can set up appointments and claim files by using a mobile device. UHC offers discounts on many health programs. It has remarkable financial strength ratings. 

  • Aetna

Aetna is offering health insurance to residents of more than 50 states. The best thing about Aetna is it offers affordable options like hospitalization, office visits, preventive care, and essential healthcare services. Moreover, members can enjoy HAS plans as well. Aetna offers some wellness programs, such as weight-loss programs, gym membership, chiropractic services, etc.

  • Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)

It is serving more than 15 million people in different states of the U.S. Coverage and plan options vary from state to state. It offers different health care programs, including online health assessment, maternity, and weight-loss programs. Members can enjoy a text alert system. It is the best pick because it offers remarkable healthy living programs. The only disadvantage of this insurance company is that it has limited coverage.

These are the best health insurance companies in the US and you can choose any of them according to your need and budget.

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