iPhone VS Samsung 2021

iPhone VS Samsung 2021

Both these mobile companies produce at least one competitive mobile phone each year. People want to know which mobile phone is best to buy in 2021. Moreover, people want to know which phone will be best for them, iPhone or Samsung. It’s not that simple to answer these questions because both these companies are producing quality mobile phones. iPhone 12 mini and Samsung Galaxy S20 are perfect examples of it. Both these devices are different in terms of features, but they’re worth buying at the same price.

Comparison of iPhone Vs. Samsung 2021

Samsung is manufacturing Galaxy smartphones since 2009. On the other hand, Apple is producing its iPhone series since 2007. Apple is credited for being the first company to make smartphones. However, both the models mentioned above will be the most popular phones in 2021.

  • Storage

The Galaxy S20 FE model offers formidable storage of 128 GB and a microSD slot for storage expansion. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 mini supports only 64 GB storage and no slot for storage expansion.

  • Display

Samsung has a display of 6.5 inches, and the iPhone 12 has only a 5.4-inch display. Moreover, both these models have an appealing design.

  • Battery Timing

Apple phone claims to have 10 hours of video streaming time. On the other hand, Samsung has 15.5 hours of video playback on a single recharge. 

Moreover, both these mobiles have rear cameras. Both these models are the best contenders for most smartphones sales in 2021. However, based on the comparison, Samsung has the upper hand over the iPhone 12 because of storage size, camera lenses, and screen sizes. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 gains an advantage of smaller size and lots of extra camera lenses. People who love Apple and prefer iPhone over Android must opt for iPhone 12 mini at this price.

Features and Factors to be looked for in a Smartphone in 2021

Recently Apple has introduced a most budget-friendly Smartphone. On the other hand, Samsung is looking to produce high-quality foldable phones. Indeed, Samsung is also producing budget-friendly options keeping the average consumers in mind.

Whatever device you buy in 2021, ensure that it supports 5G. Moreover, while looking for a budget-friendly product, don’t compromise on the quality and features. There is a possibility that Apple will release a cheap version in 2021 without 2021. So you’ll have to compromise on 5G support if you want to buy a cheap mobile.

When we talk about Apple and Samsung manufacturers’ mindset, we can say that Apple is looking to produce cheap models to get more popularity in the market. In contrast, Samsung is heavily relying on the luxury Smartphone market. In 2020, Samsung has introduced some most expensive models.

It would be early to say whether these budget-friendly iOS devices would impact the sales of Samsung. It was proven by the figures of the second quarter of 2020 that Samsung had the most shipments than any other phone. So, 2021 will be a year of a battle between these two competitive brands.

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