What did you do on Khmer New year days?

Khmer New Year is one of the most festivals which Cambodian people always celebrate every year. Now I’ll show all of you about my activities during the festival. The festival is always celebrated for three days.

On the first day, it’s my first day in this days so I actually get early about five o’clock because I need to help my family doing some foods and somethings and then I went to a pagoda with my grandmother at about six o’clock in the morning to give some food to the monks to dedicate to my ancestors. I went for a walk with my grandmother there about one hour. When I got home, I had breakfast with my family. Then I went to my aunt’s house to take her to my homeland together. When I got there, my parents, my aunt really happy with the days then when we have a good meeting like this I also gave fruit to my grandparents. I had lunch with my grandparents happily, and I miss them so much because I could visit there occasionally. In the evening, I played a ball with my older brother at the rice field to help our health more good because when we play it happy and we also can get good health, too. And then helped my mother and my aunt cook dinner together and have it together and celebrate a little party together, too.  On the second day, in the morning, I help to do some food that I need to take it to go to pagoda and then I prepare myself and I went to a pagoda there with my family and listened to monks’ prayer, too. Then my family and I had breakfast at the pagoda. At day time, I visited my aunt and my uncle. I talked with them a lot because I miss them, too. In the evening, I went to a pagoda to play traditional games such as hitting cottons, playing Ang Konh, Teanh Prat and Chompa Chompey…etc. When I got home, I ate dinner with my younger brother and my older brother and have a little party together, too. On the third day, I went for a walk with my family to make our feelings fresh before I came back to Phnom Penh. I think it’s a really good time for me because I can spend my time to be happy with them and when I arrived my home at about half past ten. In the afternoon, sometimes I had a siesta for a while and then went for a walk with my parents again. In the evening, I helped clean house, and helped my mother cook food and then I have a dinner together to make a lot of happiness in my family, too. At night, I just reviewed some lessons, and took a shower to go to bed. I felt very happy and really get tired but happier is more than it because I can stay with him to make a lot happy time at those days.