One million Facebook users may have had their login information hacked, according to Meta.

400 rogue apps intended to steal Facebook login information were discovered by the social media giant.

One million users have been alerted by Facebook’s parent company Meta that rogue apps may have obtained their login information.

The business claimed in a blog post on Friday that its researchers discovered more than 400 malicious Android and Apple iOS apps this year that were meant to steal the personal Facebook login information of their customers. A spokesman for Meta, Gabby Curtis, stated that 1 million customers who may have been impacted by the apps are receiving warnings from Meta.

According to Meta, the apps they discovered were mislabeled as games, photo editors, health and lifestyle apps, and other categories in order to deceive users into downloading them from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. According to the business, the malicious program frequently prompted users to “login with Facebook” before stealing their username and password.

In a blog post, Ryan Victory and David Agranovich of Meta said, “This is a highly adversarial sector and while our industry partners attempt to detect and remove malicious software, some of these programs avoid detection and make it onto legitimate app stores.”

According to Meta, the apps were removed after being reported to Apple and Google. According to a statement from Google spokesman Edward Fernandez, the “apps highlighted in the study are no longer available on Google Play.” Apple’s spokesman responded but made no comments.

For many years, Meta’s privacy practices have been under investigation. Following revelations that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica had inappropriately obtained the personal information of millions of Facebook users, the Federal Trade Commission approved a $5 billion settlement with Facebook in 2019.

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