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My life as a grade twelve student at high school

Most students in Cambodia are studying in grade twelve, and I’m also one of the students studying at grade twelve. My name is Vorn David. I’m eighteen years old this year and I’m also a student studying in grade twelve at Hun Sen Bunrany Wat Phnom high school in Phnom Penh this year. This year is the bad year for all students and especially grade twelve students. In this bad disease, I think it’s difficult for grade twelve students like me because schools were closed and I just learn by myself at home. When I don’t understand any points, I can’t ask my teachers to explain to me, too. In the beginning of the year in grade twelve, I’ve prepared a lot like learning inside the class and in extra classes before it too. I think about my parent’s money first because I think other parents want their children to pass this baccalaureate II exam. I tell my parents when I start this class, I ask for some money from my parents and I try to save some to pay on my learning both teachers and extra classes, too. I think one year that I spent for this grade twelve is the most important year for me because I need to spend most of my time learning Khmer, and I need to practice a lot like doing exercise math, remembering biology’s questions and physics and chemistry formulas.  Furthermore, I can say that if I fail or pass in the end of this grade of high school, it’s a part of my life. when I fail, my parents won’t be happy with me, so I need to try my best to pass it to make my parents to be proud of having a good son. I think math is a difficult subject in grade twelve and give the highest score in the exam, so I need to practice doing exercises and listen to my teacher’s explanation a lot while I’m learning. Moreover, I need to practice doing the previous exercises that the students took, too to be clearer that I can do them if there are those exercises again in my year exam to have a good grade in the end of the year, too. Sometimes I feel bad with this class because I need to spend most of my time learning extra classes and full-time in school. For the part time, I need to learn English a little bit too because it’s an international language which people around the world use to communicate each other nowadays. I think it’s very important for me when I finish grade twelve. When I come back from school, I need to spend time reading books and doing some exercises from Khmer school too. I think sometimes I’m really tired of doing these things, but it’s my obligation to pass it, so I need to try doing it to the end of the year. In this grade, I can say that it’s a good time for me to know a lot such as people, society and most of my time to write and to read, too. In conclusion, I think learning in grade twelve is the good meaning for me to do to complete my life more successful.