The advantages of playing on Facebook   

Before I start, I’d like to give the definition of “Facebook” first. Facebook is a website that dedicates and brings people together and a line in social network. Facebook is usually able to connect friends, make online friends somewhere and family and see what happens in our life share photo, video and information with them and also can know a lot of news on Facebook by friends’ sharing.

There are three main advantages of playing on Facebook. First of all, playing on Facebook causes us have broad general knowledge. We can improve our learning English such as Listening, Speaking and Conversation skills if we are Cambodian students by chatting with foreigners or using video call with them. I think doing like this with them all the time will make our learning English better and better. We also can know about their cultures, livings, food, wearing clothes and so on, so we will be easy to study or live abroad if we have a good chance, too. Furthermore, as we know, most people like posting a lot of hot news or good advice, so we can get them fast from playing on Facebook rather than watching on televisions. When we can know a lot of those things such as traffic accident, health problems, robbery, tricking…etc., so we can be more careful and protect ourselves from those problems, too. Secondly, it can make our work more effective and our relation good and close, too. If we are office workers, teachers, staffs…etc, we can send our documents, reports, or significant information each other fast and easily, too. Furthermore, we also can chat with our relatives or friends who stay far away from us through chatting or using video call on Facebook easily. Therefore, we have more time to talk with them and also reduce our worry and missing to them, too. Furthermore, Facebook also can make you to be a good creator too because If you have good ideas like making videos with how to learn successfully or show about everything that you always do by sharing with them on it, so you can be a good friend list on Facebook. Thirdly, playing on Facebook can cause us earn more income. Nowadays, we can make a small own business by paying a little money. It is a good way to earn money on Facebook page such as selling clothes, shoes and something else. When we have a lot of customers on our Facebook page, we can sell our products a lot, so we will get a lot of money, too. Moreover, we can advertise about our products to make them more interesting and know fast from buyers, too. And If you sell your products on it, I think in the future you will have your own brand or have a lot of members on Facebook that also sell with you, too. In shorts, being easy to improve our English, being easy to work effectively and getting more income are the advantages of playing on Facebook.