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The educational aid to poorer countries!

The educational aid to poorer countries!

Most countries in the world have a good education in their country. The education starts with good children in a country. For example, in Cambodia, I think Cambodia is one of the poor countries in the world and has a lot of children that start growing up every day every month and every year, so it’s true that you should improve it with their children. Actually, Cambodia is a small country and has a little education that supports to children in the country. The topic say that “the education aid to poorer countries”. First, it starts from poor country like Cambodia. Cambodia is a small country and also has a lot of children.  If we can’t tell them to go to school or don’t have good advice from their parents, I think they will leave their study and start doing useless things such as going out a lot, playing a phone, and playing truant to play a game computer everywhere. Furthermore, most schools in Cambodia should start teaching students in their schools a lot clearly with Khmer language and add more with English too because I think that if most children in Cambodia can get a good certificate from their school and can use their English well when they finished grade twelve, maybe they can get a good job in their country and also can make their own business in their country, too. And some good education start from parents in their family ,too such as teaching their  children to do a good thing for family and other people and also teaching them to know about their country a lot, so I can say that in the future they will know about their country by themselves. When they are young, they listen to their parents’ advice and when they can learn from them and listen a lot, they will make a lot of good things to improve their country from being bad people to have a lot of good people in the future. Second, I think we should take students who can finish their study in a local and they want to continue their study abroad, so we should find a good scholarship for them to take exams to go on their dream, too. And the

President or Prime Minister in country should care about their study to improve them with good teaching from good teachers and find a lot of ways to support them when they finish their study from school. Doing like this, maybe in the future, they will show about their ability to improve in their country and make a lot of famous things in the country to show the other country to see them that they also can do it. Furthermore, in a small country like Cambodia, there will be a lot of good children, so they need to care about them a lot because if they want to make the country improve more and more to be a beautiful country that has good people who have ability to join with to improve in the country for future. In shorts, education is the main thing that can improve the poorer country to be a good country in the future.

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