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The effects of Covid 19 on education

Covid 19 is the most serious problem nowadays. This disease is very bad for people because it can infect from one people to another fast if we are careless to protect it well. Some countries in the world such as America, China, Brazil and other countries have many cases of Covid 19 in their countries.

First of all, the bad disease also affects to education. Most schools have been closed, so students can’t go to study at their school. In this time, they need to learn online. For example, in Cambodia, they are difficult to learn online because some students have smart phones and some don’t have them. Furthermore, the internet here is so slow when most people use it a lot. Therefore, all students can’t learn online well together. In my opinion, for adult and teenager students, they won’t pay more attention on their learning. They’re just online, but they maybe do other things during their learning time such as playing online games, chatting with other people, watching T.V because their teacher won’t know what they are doing during their online learning. They maybe feel bored of learning online because they need to learn alone. Learning with their classmates can encourage them to try hard learning more than learning alone like that. Learning online is difficult for them to ask their teacher when they don’t know any point. Some students nowadays learn because they’re afraid of their teachers, but how can they learn well if they learn online without their teachers staying near them like that? As we know, most students nowadays are really addicted to play online games, too. Especially, they think they shouldn’t try hard learning during the bad crisis. Protecting themselves from infecting the disease is what they need to do most, so the other things, they shouldn’t care.   For kids, they like playing a lot, so they are really difficult to learn online. Some parents need to force their children to learn online and they need to stay near their children all the time, too. Some parents can’t stay near them all the time because they need their time to make a business and work to support their whole family, too. Some parents think that their teachers can’t pay attention on their children all the time, so they suspend their children’s learning until they can go back to learn at their school. Some don’t have enough ability to pay class fee for their children, so they need to stop learning until the situation in their family is better than before. Most parents hire some teachers to teach their children at home instead of learning online, too. For university students, some of them are from the poor family, so they don’t have smart phones or computer to learn online. In this circumstance, they can abandon or suspend their study because they are really difficult to learn online without enough equipment. For one more main thing, in this bad situation, their family’s economic situation also decreases so much, so they need to find a part-time or full-time job to do to help support their family’s situation. Doing like this, they won’t have enough time to go on their learning well, too. In conclusion, learning online have a little effective than learning at school and some students can drop out their study during the covid 19 time.