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Why are there a lot of traffic accidents in Cambodia?

Most people in Cambodia have their own vehicles and in one family now at least, they have two or three motorbikes. Therefore, in country, and there are a lot of vehicles, too. Traffic accident in Cambodia is one of the most dangerous accidents now because there is a lot of advertisement related to the alcoholic drinks on TV and some social media nowadays here. They just think about their products, but they don’t care about people’s health. In this country, when they have a party everywhere like family meeting, friend meeting or …etc, they always drink alcoholic drinks. The accident always happens when they’re drunk because they always drive their vehicles with a fast speed and it’s really dangerous for them. Furthermore, accidents that happens sometimes caused by big cars because they never go to learn how to drive vehicles. They mostly teach their sons because they don’t want to spend their money learning to get the driving certificate, so they always drive their vehicles without driving license, too. First of all, most travelers on the road don’t obey the traffic rules. Sometimes they drive their motorbikes without helmets or mirror rear view. Some drive their cars without wearing belts, too. When the traffic light is red, they still go ahead without stop and sometimes stop on the white mark, too, so they can cause traffic accident. They can make the other travelers or themselves injure or die if it’s serious, so they need to compensate the victims. In fact, they will be fined by police, too. Some travelers want to turn left or right, but they never give signal first. Sometimes, they want to turn left, but they give right signal, so it can impact to other travelers behind them. Some travelers also use their smart phones, listen to music or talk each other while they are traveling on the road, so it can cause traffic accidents, too if they’re careless. Secondly, when they drink a lot alcoholic drinks, they will lose their thinking, too. They can drive fast, so they can crash other travelers or trees…etc. They will injure or die immediately. If they are drunk, they shouldn’t drive because they can face bad things. In my opinion, you should sleep or take a taxi instead of  driving yourself. Thirdly, we should forgive each other when we have a few problems on the road. We should talk each other legally, and shouldn’t use any violence each other. For example, if someone hurries, we should let him or her go first. It’s also a piece of forgiving each other. For example, last month I met an accident motorbike and motorbike. They drove their motorbike fast and crashed my motorbike driving slowly. I talked with them properly and asked some compensation. We talked peacefully too without any using violence or calling police. In conclusion, obeying traffic rules, not drinking alcoholic drinks, and forgiving each other on the road can help reduce the traffic accidents and the injured and keep our lives safe from one year to one year, too.