Top 10 Dream Companies Every Professional Today Aspires to Work For and Why?

Top 10 Dream Companies Every Professional Today Aspires to Work For and Why?

Every professional has a dream company they want to work for. Everybody has different preferences. They look for perfect work-life balance, growth opportunities, high pay check, or flexible hours. So, the question is how a company becomes a dream company for a professional? Employees play a significant role in the success and failure of any company. Here we’ll discuss the top 10 dream companies every professional today aspires to work for and why.

10 Dream Companies Every Professional Wants to Join

  1. American Express

It is 170 years old US Company, and in 2019, it had 64500 employees. The company believes that in today’s fast-changing workplace, employee engagement is critical. It is a dream company of professionals because it emphasizes employee well-being, best work culture, and equal opportunity. Furthermore, it offers lots of benefits like health insurance, stock options, parental leave, retirement plan, and many more.

  • CarMax

It has won the Award of Great Workplace by Gallup in 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2015. It has round about 25000 employees, and they invest in building employee engagement. Professionals love to join this company because it offers programs like employee development and training, helps them grow, and supporting employees.

  • Best Buy

It’s the largest multinational electronics retailer in the USA. It has a unique vision that uplifts the morale of employees and empowers workers. Moreover, it has over 125000 employees. It engages employees in decision-making strategies, idea generation activities and trusts them. Furthermore, it offers lots of financial perks.

  • Hyatt

It has won the World’s Best Workplace award from Fortunes several times. It believes in the employee’s welfare. In 2019, it had over 100,000 employees and believes in establishing a meaningful relationship with visitors. It has a salary satisfaction rate of 58%.

  • Home Depot

It is the world’s largest depot of home improvement products. It provides amazing support to their employees; that’s why it’s the dream company for many professionals. Moreover, it empowers employees to accomplish their goals.

  • REI

This American corporation sells travel clothing, camping gear, and sporting goods. The company believes that it can only be successful when employees do well. Surprisingly, they gave 70% of their overall profit to their employees.

  • Nordstrom

It’s an American luxury department store, and it solely focuses on the solutions that meet employees’ and clients’ interests. They promote employee engagement in various ways.

  • Sephora

It is a French multinational leading brand of beauty and personal care products. A survey has shown that 74% of the employees at Sephora feel that they are valued. Moreover, they offer actionable insights to improve client and employee engagement.

  • Southwest Airlines

It is America’s premier airline. It servers their employees well, and they do the same with customers, and the business profits all. It has programs for employee empowerment, professional development, and recognition.

  1. Wegmans

It has been named the best company to work for, for consecutive 22 years by Fortune. Moreover, it has an employee-friendly eco-system, and employees are a valuable asset to the company. It has a salary satisfaction rate of 68%.

These are the top 10 dream companies every professional today aspired to work for.

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