What Is Technology?

What Is Technology?

Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology. Regardless of what we do, technology is an integral part of it. Examples of technology are everywhere, including our offices, industry, homes, the medical profession, and personal spaces. Now the question is what is technology?

Technology is a way in which we apply scientific knowledge to get practical benefits. It includes machines like MRI and computers. Moreover, it also includes techniques and processes like the way we manufacture computer chips. We might feel that technology is only involved in electronics but it’s not the case. This type of technology is known as modern technology, but the wheel and hammer are also examples of human technology.

Examples of Technology in Everyday Life

We will prove with examples why and how technology is an integral part of our daily lives. When you sleep at night and the mattress and the bed you use are examples of technology. Moreover, when you get up in the morning and turn on the bulb, this power and the electric system are examples of technology.

Furthermore, you brush your teeth, a system that brings water to your sink, toilet, and toothbrush all are technology. If your work is related to a computer, you turn on your laptop or computer. It is a perfect example of modern technology. It won’t be easy to list all the examples of technology in everyday lives, but some practical examples are refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, door handles, flooring material, and cars. Technologies we use for leisure are game consoles, televisions, toys, and reclining chairs.

Types of Technology

Technology can be simple and complex, so there are different technology types.

  • Electronics Technology

It’s perhaps the most familiar type of technology that we use in our daily lives. It is probably the most complex technology type that uses plenty of complex circuits to achieve the desired goals. Some common examples of electronics technology are computers and computer chips.

  • Mechanical Technology

Things or equipment that allows different kinds of motion are known as mechanical. For example, cam, wheels, gears, engines, belts, and levers. The most important advancement in technology is the wheel, and it is an example of simple technology.

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

 The technology we use for producing a product on a large scale is called manufacturing technology. Some examples of manufacturing and industrial technology are electricity generation and the manufacturing of cars. Mechanical robots are used to create cars.

  • Medical Technology

This type of technology is used to diagnose and treat diseases, for example, MRI scanners, X-Ray machines, and ventilators.

  • Transportation Technology

Manufacture and use devices to move cargo and people from the origin to destination.

There are many other technology types, such as energy and power technology, agricultural-related technology, and communication and information technology.


Technology is part of our daily lives, but still, we ask, what is technology? We have explained this term with examples. Moreover, we have discussed different technology types to make things simple and easy for you. You might have no question and ambiguity in mind after reading this article.

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