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What should we do to be a good child?

Nowadays, you can see the children is the main thing in society, but I see most children are making their parents unhappy and never care about them because they are walking far away from being grateful children with doing only their useless things. The three main points below can make your parents proud of having you as their children. If you’re interested, please read those meanings thoroughly.

First of all, trying hard learning is also the most main thing to be a good child. When we always try hard learning and get a good rank, our parents will be happy a lot because they aren’t wasting their money and heart on our learning. For example, when I get a good rank, my parents always praise me, smile to me and buy me some gifts to encourage me more in trying hard learning. Especially, they really want to see us have a good future life too.  Furthermore, they will have more power to earn more money to go on supporting our learning. We should listen to their good advice and exhortation to make them feel more confident and believe in us, too. They also hope they will live happily when they are old because we will be a grateful child and foster them back, too. Secondly, helping do some housework is also the second main thing to be a good child. Besides your study, you should do some housework such as cleaning house, laundering clothes, cooking rice and a meal, taking care of brothers and sisters so on to reduce our parents’ tiredness to make them have more time to relax at home after their work. Doing like this can make you have more time to stay near them and get on so well with them,too. Thirdly, listening to our parents’ advice and exhortation also makes them feel happy a lot. They really want to see you follow their good advice and do only good things to be a good person in society. When you always listen to their good advice, it means you love them, your friends, and the people around you, too. When you do like this, I can say, in the future you will be a sample child for the next generation children. For example, Dary’s always a good daughter. She always make her parents proud of her, and the children near her house and all her sibling follow her acts to be a grateful daughter all the time, too.  In conclusion, trying hard learning and helping do some housework can make our parents proud of us.