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When should you do to be a successful person?

Most people aren’t successful since they are young because they mostly spend their valuable time doing useless things. If you really want to be a successful person, please follow the three main steps below.

There are three steps for you to be a successful person. First of all, when you are a child, you should spend your time learning all everything such as listening to your parents’ advice because they always give good advice and experiences that they’ve passed to their children. Secondly, teenager ages are between 13 to 17.It’s a very good time for you to know a lot about study life, but do not know about love life if you are teenagers. For this age, you should learn more than doing useless things such as playing a phone, having a girlfriend, going out a lot, making a relation with bad friends, playing truant…etc because it can affect to your good future life, too. You should learn a lot such as reading books, doing all exercises and homework, making a group learning …etc. Furthermore, you need to spend some time learning a lot about technology like using a computer because these two skills can help you to find a good job when you graduate. You should set time to learn for your Khmer class to get a grade A if you are Cambodian students, for example. If you can get grade A, you can get a scholarship to go on your study at university, too. For example, Rith is my friend at high school. He was really a smart student who always got number one every month, so he could get a scholarship from one university in Phnom Penh. He learnt there free and made his parents so happy to be a grateful son like him. You also need to set time to learn your English. To improve your learning English well, you should listen to English movies or songs and practicing speaking English with foreigners with you meet them. Practicing using a computer is also very important for you, and you should do it after your learning Khmer and English. Thirdly, If you are an adult, you can find a part-time job because you’ve learnt and known about the necessary skills that most employers need nowadays. Having a good job with a suitable or high salary when you graduate is a real good thing for a successful person, so you can go on your learning at university with your own money with asking more from your family. Doing like this can reduce your parents’ loads, too. When you graduate from university with a real ability and capability, you will make your life bright. Making yourself succeed and helping your family back since you are early adults can make you proud and be a successful person in your Country, too. Norith mentioned above is a manager in one company at his homeland and he’s only twenty five years old this year.