Tesla Model 3 2023 Price

The Tesla Model 3 is an electric car manufactured by Tesla, Inc. It was first introduced in 2017 as Tesla’s entry-level all-electric sedan, aiming to make electric vehicles more accessible to a broader market.

Key features of the Tesla Model 3 include:

  1. Electric Powertrain: The Model 3 is powered solely by an electric motor, which eliminates the need for gasoline, produces zero tailpipe emissions, and offers a smooth and quiet driving experience.
  2. Battery Range: The Model 3 is available with different battery configurations, providing various ranges per charge. Higher-end versions typically have longer ranges compared to the base model.
  3. Performance: Tesla offers different performance levels for the Model 3, with acceleration ranging from brisk to exceptionally quick, depending on the chosen variant.
  4. Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability: Tesla offers an advanced driver-assistance system called Autopilot, which includes features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and automated parking. Additionally, there is an option for Full Self-Driving (FSD) capability, which aims to provide fully autonomous driving once regulatory approval is obtained.
  5. Interior and Technology: The Model 3 features a minimalist and modern interior with a large touchscreen display as the primary interface for controlling various functions, including media, climate, and vehicle settings.
  6. Safety: Tesla cars, including the Model 3, have earned top safety ratings in various crash tests, and the company actively works on software updates to enhance safety features.

It’s important to note that features, options, and pricing for the Tesla Model 3 may change over time. For the most current and detailed information, I recommend visiting Tesla’s official website or contacting a Tesla dealership.

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