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The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland, which has a number of visual and interior improvements, just made its premiere. However, a closer inspection reveals that the all-electric vehicle has gotten an upgrade that some people could have overlooked.

According to the updated Model 3 Owner’s Manual in the EU, Tesla added a real blind spot indicator with the model upgrade.

Even entry-level automobiles introduced in recent years now come with this capability as standard equipment. When changing lanes, it enables a motorist to determine whether a different car is in their blind area.

The Model 3 receives the blind spot indication within the driver-side speaker grille rather than the side-view mirrors like many cars do, thus the new feature is not without a catch. Strangely, the functionality is not present on the passenger side.

Prior to this, the Model 3’s LaneWatch-like Autopilot cameras and center display were all that were needed to provide the driver with a view of the sides while activating the turn signal.

But many owners have found that approach to be problematic since it tends to divert the driver, who must glance away from the road in order to gain a better outside perspective.

While the Model 3 lacks a screen, the Model S and X employ indications that are visible on the driver’s instrument cluster. While that functionality is a little more practical than a representation that simply exists on a screen, it is still far from perfect.

The Model 3 probably continues to utilize the Autopilot cameras to identify things in the driver’s blind area as there are no new sensors included in the upgrade. The main distinction is that instead of projecting the image onto the center display, the car instead alerts the driver by lighting up the new indication.

The Model 3 is the only Tesla with a dedicated blind spot indicator as of right now. Could new models do the same thing? Elon Musk and time will have the final say.

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